The Locarno Film Festival

The Locarno Film Festival is a film festival is held every august in Locarno, it is the most important Swiss film event. It is recognized as competitive festival from the International Federation of film producers association, with the Cannes Festival, Berlin Festival and Venice Festival; Sisa Green Systems SA is one of the sponsors, with HPI of this important event both for Ticino and worldwide.

Event in cooperation with Brother

Splash & SPA Tamaro, Sisa Green Systems and Brother (Swizerland) AG cooperate once again for an exclusive event in a very pleasant place.

“Two Decades” Event 20 years

Evening event celebrating our 20 years in business, in the wonderful setting of Ciani's Park, with all our partners and customers.

Security event

In cooperation with Bits, with the lawyer Gianni Cattaneo, professor in the area of law and communication, we talked about security of information and related implications on printing and network equipments and about their impact on business and real world too.

Event 18 years

Sisa Green Systems SA comes of age!! Together with our friends, our best customers and our partners, we celebrate this beautiful goal, in the splendid location of the Parco Ciani; from today, we will “feel” even more responsible towards all of you.

Apero' In cooperation with Brother

Sisa Green Systems SA and Brother (Switzerland) AG producer and leader of communications and media, like printers, fax and many other tools.

Lido Lugano Event

Two of the leaders in the competitive IT scenario in Ticino, Sisa Green Systems in collaboration with 4IT in the splendid setting of Lugano Lake, together with the best companies in the city and throughout the canton, a socializing and pleasant celebratory event.

2nd Ticino IT-Day

Second act of the kermesse dedicated to insiders, among the innovations and consolidated solutions, for a Ticino increasingly in step with times.

1st Ticino IT-Day

Among the organizers and promoters of Lugano IT-DAY. In 2019, among the pioneers of technology, of the solutions in printing and computing world in Ticino. With partners and customers involved in an amazing day with a lot of conferences and meetings.
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  • Eingriffe innerhalb von 24 Stunden
  • Technische Unterstützung des Druckers
  • Multifunktionale technische Unterstützung
  • Spezialisierte Beratungsdienste
  • Technische Unterstützung des Fotokopierers
  • Technische Unterstützung des Plotters
  • Technische Unterstützung per Fax
  • Managed Print Services
  • Toner und Patronen zu wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen
  • Vertrieb von Druckern, Multifunktionsgeräten, Peripheriegeräten
  • Computerverkauf, Notebook-Monitore, Server
  • Händler Canon, Epson, OKI und Samsung