The security of networked printers

How useful are the risks associated with the security of networked printers? Most companies underestimate the danger of intrusion into their systems through these devices.

In many cases, printers and multi-function devices can be one of the most precarious things regarding the security of business IT operations. It is erroneously considered that, as printers are a firewall, corporate information is protected against intrusion.

Printers can be access to private information in printed documents and digital images. Malicious users are able to intercept print files and networked servers.

In the list of security issues for most companies, printers still occupy a low position, even if they occupy the top positions like the other endpoints.



Only 16% believe that printers are subject to high risks.


Only 41% use network security on printers.

Printers as computers

Every single access point puts your network at risk. PCs and printers have a comparable architecture and, if left unprotected, one of them can expose the corporate network to the risk of cyber attacks

Vulnerability & weaknesses

The networks are protected as much as the weakest access points: it is necessary to apply security criteria to each individual device on the network

BYOD and access points

The growing number of networked devices, teleworking and the culture of "bring your own device" (BYOD) creates many more access points for cyber crime than in the past


New security and monitoring tools

Protecting printers is not necessarily a difficult task: the new security tools are able to simply meet the basic requirements and protect the corporate network

It is important to include printers in event and vulnerability monitoring systems to assess threats across the entire corporate network

  • Automatic detection and protection against attacks
  • Prevention of unauthorized use
  • Authentication using a badge reader
  • Authentication using a “pull-print” solution
  • Simple access options
  • Encrypted print for confidential documents
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