What is Electronic Document Management?

How many times do you lose a document, how many more you forget the name of the folder where you have stored an important email and which we now urgently need?
How hard and expensive is it to find that old bill that we need to check today?

There are 4 main actions that revolve around document management:


the document is created internally or enters the company from the outside.


the document is filed according to particular rules and logics.


you will need to find the document to be able to consult it.


we may need to distribute the document.

Actions that provide time and resources and therefore a cost that can be important. Much of this time is wasted!

A structured workflow improves productivity and working conditions. Organizing documents by cataloging them and indexing them brings significant savings in terms of time and costs to companies.
Electronic Document Management allows companies to create computer archives to replace traditional paper archives.

Advantages of Electronic Document Management

  • Reduction of the spaces dedicated to the physical archive
  • Inalterability of documents (never again faded, damaged or stained documents)
  • Confidentiality (possibility of defining access privileges only and exclusively to certain documents by password)
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Replacement storage
  • Certified procedure for making digital documents assume legal value (paper documents can be destroyed or not printed, with significant savings and improved organizational efficiency).

Tommaso, so easy to find the documents!

Tommaso is a web-based document management service that offers the possibility of enhancing the functionality of locally installed programs. The software is hosted by Swisscom and therefore in a secure and guaranteed environment. The servers are located exclusively in Switzerland and are geo-redundant in different locations.

Swisscom guarantees a very high level of security and continuity and access is via username and password.

  • Depending on the customer's needs, access privileges for the user can be customized (read-only, read and modify, local access only, etc.).
  • The user who has the access data, and the appropriate privileges, can consult and process the data from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The document platform, in addition to document search, allows archiving and also the possibility of exploiting the document process functions with email notifications.
  • Document management can be done by manual or automatic upload of files (thanks to integration with Outlook, with scanners and with virtual printers).
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